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"Having your colours done with friends is the way to go!”

Best friends, Sue, Sarah and Cathy recently came to Frankie and Ruby for a colour, shape and style experience day. Sue explains, “Cathy, Sarah, MaryAnn and I have been friends since our children were born. MaryAnn moved away about twelve years ago, and every year since we have tried to book a weekend away to catch up. Because our first trip was to Spain we jokingly called ourselves the Amigos. It stuck!

In November last year the Amigos went back to Spain and we met MaryAnn at the airport. When we saw her we could hardly believe it, she looked amazing! It turns out that she had been to a consultation on colour, shape and make-up. All weekend she astounded us with her clothes and accessories. We were so impressed that when we got back we were inspired to try and follow in her footsteps. Cathy knew someone who had come to Frankie and Ruby and had been really pleased with the results so we agreed it was the next move for us! We wanted some of what MaryAnn had!”

The Amigos before their consultation from left to right; Sarah, Cathy, Sue and MaryAnn.

The Amigos booked a full day session with personal stylist Victoria Lochhead at Frankie and Ruby. The day covered colours to wear, styles and shapes of clothes and a make up consultation. As well as being inspired by the experience of their friend MaryAnn, the ladies each had their own reasons for wanting to find out more about personal styling. Each had an idea of what suited them, and what they looked good in, but were not quite sure if they were on the right track. Sarah had even had her colours done many years before, but felt that those colours no longer seemed quite right on her any more. Cathy found that she’d got into a pattern of buying clothes that was easy; “I wore a lot of black, grey and some navy,” she says. “This was easy to buy and mix and match for work. I was not inclined to wear anything in bright colours. In terms of shape I think I was mostly getting it right although sometimes opted for baggy clothes to hide bits I don't like. I realize now that this just makes me look frumpy. Overall, I was bored with my look and shopping was hard work - to try and get the right shape etc. I found I just tended to buy and wear the same old thing.”

Personal stylist Victoria says “It’s well worth re-visiting everything you think about your colours, shape and style from time to time. As we grow and change in our lives, our style needs to keep up with us, so it’s well worth regularly checking in to make sure what we’re wearing reflects who we are. In many clients, I’ve seen a colour change over time – colours that they could wear when they were younger don’t seem to work as well for them any more.”

At the consultation, Sue talked about what her wardrobe had been like to date, “Everything was pink or shades of pink, mauve and purple. If it was pink I would buy it - shoes, coats, scarves everything. I thought it suited me but I was getting really bored with it. I dress casually for my work as a Bookkeeper so there is no real distinction between work and play and I just felt like I never looked very smart - just pink.”

During the day, the ladies started with a colour consultation. It turned out that Sarah’s colour palette had indeed softened to the cool tones of Summer, and she was much happier with the softer, more subtle palette. She says, “I am much happier with the softer pinks and blues, and I feel better for not struggling to try and look right in the colours I thought I ought to be wearing. Wearing the colours that suit me better feels a bit like coming home - comfortable and right.” Sue, who had been wearing light and bright colours was delighted to discover that she was a Spring, and that oranges looked so much better on her than pinks. Cathy was a deep muted Autumn, and looked incredible in warm browns, purples, and olive greens.

After the colour consultation, the ladies moved on to make-up. Sue says “Makeup was a particular mystery to me as I hadn't even tried wearing it until I was 50 and my efforts were pretty basic and not very complimentary!”

“Make-up is the colour we put on our face, so it’s really important that we get the tones right.” explains Victoria. “I suggested colours to each of the ladies which complimented their skin tones and their colour palette – it was great to see how they all looked at the end, especially when we held up a perfect colour to their faces.” After lunch, Victoria took the trio through a session on body shapes and styles, giving them all a set of simple rules they can apply to choosing and wearing clothes.

After the experience, Sue reflected on what the benefits were of being part of a group day, “It was fun to share the experience and see together what the results were for each of us. It also helped me to understand the process as I watched the colours working or not working on someone else. Also as it turned out we were all different seasons so we all ended up with different palettes. We were all different shapes as well. Watching someone else have the consultation helps you to understand what you are hoping to achieve.” Cathy agrees, “We had a fantastic day and had such fun. I think it made it easier being in a group - maybe I would have been more self-conscious coming alone. Also Sarah and Sue are interested and keen to share stories and continue to talk about colours and therefore they motivate me to stick to the rules too!”

Sue is already seeing the benefits from her experience, “For sure I am already more confident. I feel I am looking the best I can both in clothes and makeup. I also shop differently. I have started to explore different colours and styles. I am particularly enjoying my two new favourite colours - green and orange. It has been great to see the other two grow in confidence as well.”

The Amigos since their consultation from left to right; Cathy (Autumn), Sarah (Summer), and Sue (Spring).

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