Victoria Lochhead - Personal Stylist

I love being an image consultant, and I firmly believe that once you know the rules of what to wear in terms of colour, shape and style, then you can truly shop anywhere.  Read more about our story and what makes a consultation with us a unique experience.....


“Victoria Lochhead has been an absolute saviour.  Victoria was so gentle with me and so enlightening. If Victoria can make me feel and look good, then she really can help anyone” Margaret


“This session has unleashed the inner me! I feel more confident, enjoy colours more & wear clothes that make me look great!” Claire



Frankie & Ruby is a personal styling image consultancy business.


We are based in Newbury, Berkshire, and work throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, and Hampshire.  We are perfectly placed for clients visiting from Newbury. Reading, Basingstoke, Oxford, Hungerford, Marlborough, Swindon, Andover, Salisbury, Theale, Thatcham, Overton, Whitchurch, Didcot, Wantage, Abingdon, Pangbourne, Tilehurst, Streatley, Goring on Thames, Wokingham, Mortimer, Woolhampton, Aldermaston, Winchester and Tadley although clients do travel from much further afield.


Find out more about personal colour analysis consultations, style analysis consultations, and group days and events.

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Take time to re-discover who you are and how you want other people to see you.


What we wear is more than just a way of keeping warm, it’s a reflection of who we are and how we want to portray ourselves to the world.  Like it or not, we are judged on how we look.  It happens every day, it’s subconscious, and it’s pretty much instant. 

A visit to a stylist will help you to get that first impression right – by wearing the right colours, shapes and styles for you, you will look the best you possibly can, but more importantly, you’ll be telling the world something about who you really are. 


This isn’t just about looking great, this is about feeling more confident, happier, and re-discovering the real you.  Let's face it, from time to time we all could do with a confidence boost, epsecially if we are going through changes in life that challenge us to question who we are and where we fit in.  A personal session will give you that one on one time to explore this, as well as a massive burst of confidence to go out and be the person you want to be.

Personal Colour Session.​

If you want to make immediate changes to the way you look and feel, we always recommend starting with colour analysis. Have you ever seen someone walk past you, & they are just glowing?  They are probably wearing a colour that is perfect for them, and I can do the same for you. 


In a one on one session with me, we'll be looking at your natural colouring and skin tone, and you'll discover which colours best work for you, making you look healthier and younger. We can show you which colours make you glow, which colours work as great neutrals for you, & how to put your colours together.  


You’ll be given a swatch of your best colours which is a great tool for shopping & for building a coordinated wardrobe. I'll even show you which foundation & lipstick tones are perfect for you – and you’ll see how amazing you look when it all comes together.  £170.

Personal Style & Shape.​

In this 2 hour session we give you your own unique set of rules for dressing that make the most of your proportions.  


Whatever body shape you are, we can teach you which styles will flatter, including all the details & finishing touches, such as necklines, jewellery, shoes, & fabrics, we’ll cover everything so you’ll know exactly what to wear that will suit you.


We’ll also explore your unique brand – how you want to come across in your clothes – so that you can start to build on a definitive style that really expresses who you are.  £160.

Personal Image Day

Find out your own unique set of rules in this fun & interactive day. After a chat & a coffee, we’ll go through your colour analysis and make up, followed by your style rules, and suggestions for what to wear to project the image you want.


Then we’ll have lunch & hit the shops where you can put all your new found knowledge into action!


With me there to guide you, you’ll see how the rules work in the shops.   £420.

Building your personal confidence through your image

Wardrobe Detox 


Do you open the wardrobe & utter the immortal words “I have nothing to wear!” We will help you to de-clutter your wardrobe, find new outfits from your existing clothes, & identify a shopping list of what’s missing.


Discover how to organize your collection of clothes into coordinated interchangeable outfits, & re-discover all the buried treasure lurking in the back!


We’ll hold your hand while you throw out those things you’ve been hanging onto & forgotten why, & we can even help you sell your unwanted clothes, so you can earn cash from your clear out!  £65ph.


Personal Shopping.​

Turn a dreaded shopping trip into a positive experience with our help!


On a shopping trip with me we'll start with a chat over a coffee, and find out exactly what your requirements are.


With our list in hand, I'll take you to the shops and help you find what you're looking for, as well as perhaps picking out a few things you might not have thought to try on.


Why not book an eco-shop?  We do all the same things, but in charity shops & recycling centres!  £65ph.



Make-up classes.​

We aren't born knowing how to put on make up.  It's something we have to learn.


In a make up class, we will work one on one with you to find out more about your skin type and which make up will be best for you. We demonstrate how to apply a great easy day look, and how to create a more dramatic and noticeable evening look.


We'll show you which colours are right for you, which are wrong, and we foundation match your skin tone so you'll always be wearing the right tone.  £65.