Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes, yet constantly feel like you have nothing to wear?  


Do you sometimes feel you rely on the advice of well-meaning friends or sales assistants when shopping?  Wouldn’t it be great to feel clear on your style, your preferences, what you love, and what makes an outfit so ‘you’?

Perhaps you’ve lost your confidence a bit recently, and want to get back your style mojo and feel more creative around your clothes and getting dressed every day?  

Wouldn’t it be great to have a more organised wardrobe, to finally know with certainty what you won’t wear anymore and be happy to say goodbye to it – even if it’s something with the tags still on it ;-)

If you're feeling frustrated or unfulfilled by your wardrobe, your style and your shopping habits, Sustainable Style Studio was created just for you! Creating a sustainable wardrobe is a matter of getting really clear on your style and what suits you first, and then looking at your wardrobe and how you shop.  


Our 12 week online programme will help you:


Feel more confident:

The main aim of Sustainable Style Studio is for you to feel good and to love the way you look without apology. Using this time to explore your wardrobe is time to reconnect to your sense of self, to find ways to express who you are through what you wear in a way that is authentic and empowering.  


Learn the tips and tricks of styling and save time:

I'll show you the hints tips and visual tricks to help you become your own  stylist, and to create outfits in a way that's quick and effortless.  We'll also set a weekly style challenge which means you can experiment with and wear more of the clothes that don’t come out of the wardrobe very often, which unleashes your inner creativity and helps you mindfully decide if those clothes have earned a place on your rails.

Declutter your wardrobe:

Create a tidier, more organised and better curated wardrobe, without having to dedicate a weekend and several large G&T’s to achieve it.   Through the weekly videos, you’ll get an understanding of how colour brings a wardrobe together and learn the magic maths formula of how to create clusters and a capsule wardrobe which means you can make more outfits from less.  


Shopping & Saving:

We'll set you a challenge to buy no new clothes for 3 months.  Depending on your budget, 12 weeks without shopping could save you an average of £250! (Based on a survey conducted by Ariel, the average adult spends £1,000 a year on clothes).

When you do venture out to the shops again, you’ll feel confident to buy what you need and what you know you’ll wear.  Imagine it – no more of those fruitless shopping trips where you come home uninspired and empty handed, or worse, you’ve bought something but it’s hanging in the wardrobe with the tags still on and deep down you already know you just won’t wear it.   Who knows, you might even take up the challenge to explore second hand shops and change the way you shop forever! 


Create a long term sustainable wardrobe:

Together we'll find the gems already in your wardrobe, to get really clear on what you love and why, to happily let go of what doesn’t float your boat and to explore new ways of bringing interesting pieces in to your life.  This isn’t about having more, but it’s about loving more of what you have.


The Programme

Sustainable Style Studio is a 12 week online programme that you can learn from anywhere, all you need is a computer or tablet.  Each week, I’ll be emailing you a video from the studio.  Videos are short and sweet, because I know your time is precious, but every video will be a tip or idea that you can action straight away.   I’ll also be setting a challenge each week to help you bust out of your current outfit habits and find new things to wear from your existing wardrobe.  This means you can follow along in your own time from home and you get time to implement the learning and explore how it applies to you.

Course Overview:

Week 1:  Setting up your wardrobe

Week 2:  What's your style?

Week 3:  Identifying your shape

Week 4:  Colour

Week 5:  Focal points

Week 6:  Creating outfits with ease

Week 7:  Proportions

Week 8:  Finding the right scale

Week 9:  Clusters and planning

Week 10:  Shopping for treasure

Week 11:  Clothes care

Week 12:  Find what feels good 

You get the chance to ask questions throughout the programme.  We start with an initial questionnaire, as well as two opportunities for one to one video calls with me which means I get to know you and can help with answering any specific questions you have.





Sustainable Style Studio is available today for £129 (which works out at just over £10 a week).  That includes the full 12 week programme and any downloadable workbooks.  What you’ll learn will save you hundreds (maybe even thousands) of pounds long term as you’ll be so much clearer on what you love, what suits you, and what’s needed (without buying the things that just don’t get worn :-))

About me: 

As a personal stylist, I see inside many wardrobes, and so I can say with some confidence that you probably have lovely things hanging in your wardrobe that don’t get worn very often, and you probably have lovely things that get worn all the time, am I right?  We regularly wear only about 20% of our wardrobes, wouldn’t it be nice to make more of the 80% that doesn’t come out to play?

Having already completed a challenge to not buy new clothes for a year, and with all my skills as a personal stylist over the last 10 years, I created Sustainable Style Studio as a way for anyone to learn to take a more mindful approach to their style, their choices, and their shopping habits.

When I did my own year of not buying new clothes, I found that not only was I far better off financially, but the way I felt about my clothing had radically transformed.  I felt more creative, more confident, and I figured out what things (for me) were non-negotiable to buy new, and what treasures I could find second hand.  I felt like I had fallen in love with my wardrobe and my style again, and I found I enjoyed those first few minutes of the day deciding what to wear.  It led me to write my book In the Jumble, and since then so many clients have asked me how they can buy less new clothing, that I decided to create Sustainable Style so that I can share these tips and ideas with more people.  I am really looking forward to spending time with you over the next few weeks, and  if you have any questions I haven’t already covered, just email






















Frequently Asked Questions:

Q  I don’t think I can commit to no new clothes for 3 months – should I not do the course?

A  No commitment is needed, this is about changing your habits.  I do encourage you to not buy new clothing for the 90 days that Sustainable Style is running, but it is ultimately a personal choice.  By doing the course, you’ll learn lots about the style you love, and are less likely to then buy things you don’t wear.  Even if you reduce your new clothing by 10%, overall that’s far better than making no changes at all, right?

Q  I am such a fashionista!  I don’t think I could go without my fashion fix!

A  I hear you!  One of the most surprising things I learned in my year of buying no new clothing was that I was forced to be more experimental and creative.  And when I wanted something that was fashionable, I’d get a good image of it in my mind and then hunt for it second hand! And it was completely possible. We even did a Say No to New photoshoot in 2014, replicating all the fashions from that seasons Vogue with second hand clothing.  And do you know what else?  By buying it second hand it means no one else is going to look exactly the same as you – and that is something that makes you feel really confident!

Q  Is this a course for women or can men join in too?

A   Sustainable Style is created for women as we look at style, body shape and focal points that are relevant.  Sorry chaps, this one’s just for the ladies.

Q  Do I have to buy everything second hand?  

A  Not at all!  The aim is for you to get really clear on your style, so even if you prefer to shop on the High Street, you’ll find shopping is quicker, easier and cheaper as you buy more of what you love and what suits you, and less of the things that don’t get worn.  Whatever your shopping choice, you’ll learn to be really clear about what you want and what you need, so you’re more likely to wear it.  And when we really wear something and get a lot of joy and use from it, that’s the ultimate sustainable purchase.  If you do decide to give second hand shopping a go, which categories you choose to buy new or second hand is entirely up to you.  In my year of not buying new clothing, I opted to buy new underwear, swimwear, pyjamas, sportswear and basics such as leggings, vest tops and simple jersey tops for layering underneath other items.  There will always be something you will want to get new, and of course that’s fine, this is about finding your place in buying new things consciously when you need them.

Q  How long will it take – I’m not sure I have the time?  

A  We’ve designed this course with you in mind!  The videos are short (approx. 10 minutes each) with one action to complete – most are just about making small changes as you get dressed each day.  By delivering it in small, weekly bite-size chunks, you don’t need to spend lots of time sitting in front of your computer screen.

Q  I really want to do it, but I’m not sure I can afford it all upfront, do you offer a payment plan?  

A  We do, but our online system only works for the full payment.  If you need to break down the cost, you can split the payments into £66 today and £66 in 4 weeks time, but to do this, you would need to contact us to set it up on PayPal.

Q  What if I start the course and don’t like it?  

A  We want you to get the maximum benefit from this programme (which is one of the reasons we give lifetime access to the materials) and we want you to take part in each and every lesson and each and every task.  If you’re unsure about doing the work, then please, keep your money and I wish you well.  If you’d like to do it, and are committed, but something happens, or you really can’t get on with the programme, then talk to us.  We offer a full refund policy if after 3 weeks you can demonstrate you’ve watched the videos and taken part in the tasks but it’s not working for you.

Q  How can I get help if I have questions?   

A  You will most likely have questions as to how a topic relates to you, or whether you’re on the right track.  We’ve built in as many ways as possible to help you.  You can email your questions each week, plus we have the opportunity for you to book in direct skype calls with me during the programme.  

Q  Are you going to make me throw away all my clothes and start again?  

A  Absolutely not, but I do hope that this gives you a safe space to perhaps feel ready to let things go that you don’t wear and have been hanging on to.  No one is going to make you do anything you don’t want to, but the exercises and challenges have been designed to get you thinking about what you need and what you love.  Don’t be surprised if you come out of the programme with a leaner wardrobe, but with more in it that you can wear.

Q  Are you going to make me not me anymore?  

A  Nope.  We are going to help you rediscover you, your style, and to tap into that which you love to wear.  There are no style rules or formulas, no dress for success standards or numbers of accessories to add, no wardrobe must haves.  This is about you discovering what you love, what suits you, and how to put it together in a way that is positive, confident and creative.  That’s it.  

Q  I don’t know if I’m ready to change.  

A  Ask yourself, when you look in your wardrobe, how do you feel?  Most women who take this course feel fed up, frustrated, and bored.  They often have a cupboard full, but there’s that niggling feeling that they have nothing to wear.  They feel like something needs to happen but they don’t necessarily want to go out and just buy more stuff.  They want to take control and wear more of what they have, and feel confident putting outfits together.  So, if you look in the wardrobe and feel any of those things strongly enough that you’re ready to do something about it, then this might be right for you to do now. 

Q  I’m worried about getting it wrong or not being creative enough.  

A  Let me tell you, no one is born knowing how to dress.  Sure, some people are more visually creative than others and learn from trial and error what works and what doesn’t, but most of us don’t (myself included).  I learned the way to style and dress not just myself but other people, and if I can learn, anyone can!  The whole point of doing a style course is to learn the principles for yourself so you can take control of your visual image.  There is no shaming or telling anyone they’ve been getting it wrong for countless years, there’s no ‘don’t wear this’ type language.  This course is designed to help you feel confident, informed, and creative.  And it’s designed to give you permission to be you, and to explore what you want that image to look like.  I’m not a stylist who will tell you what to wear, or what this season’s must haves are that suit every woman, because I don’t believe in that.  What I do believe is that by sharing some simple tools with you, you can begin to learn for yourself what works, and what doesn’t for you.  You’ll learn to tap into the styles that make you feel good, walk that bit taller, and express who you are.  And with that knowledge comes confidence, to find an authentic feel good style you love.

Q  Can I do the course quicker?  

A  No.  We’ve created this course deliberately to give you the space to make conscious decisions each week over 12 weeks.  Each weekly tip is designed to be an idea you can experiment with that week.  If you’re impatient to get started and look forward to the next video each week, that’s brilliant!

Q  Will I need any specialist equipment?  

A  Not at all.  When I do suggest things to use to help you in the exercises, most items are standard household pieces (a broom handle and an old shoelace or tie for example)

Q  What will I be able to do afterwards that I can’t do now? 

A  You’ll be able to confidently put together outfits and know if they work or not.  You’ll be able to wear far more of what you own, and understand your buying habits to eliminate unnecessary purchases, or mistakes that don’t get worn.  I’ll teach you how to shop second hand too, which might just open up a whole new hobby for you!  Ultimately, you’ll learn how to find what feels good in your clothes, so that what you wear is a clear and vivid communication of who you are – you’ll feel more confident, more ‘you’ and more empowered to make good choices moving forward.

"It's been a transformational course for me… I feel like I've re-engaged with my wardrobe and my style." Michelle

"It truly is one of the best things that has happened to me. I have been able to really identify the kind of person I am and give myself permission to be that person, fully."  Diana

"I’m so much more knowledgeable about why I love certain clothes and not others and what really makes me feel me." Clare


Victoria Lochhead - Personal Stylist

I love being a personal stylist and helping my clients feel more confident in their style choices.  Having been introduced to jumble sales and charity shops from a young age, I show my clients how to look great and feel confident in pre-loved fashion as well as utilising what they already have hanging in the wardrobe at hom.  Read more about our story and what makes a consultation with us a unique experience.....


“Victoria Lochhead has been an absolute saviour.  Victoria was so gentle with me and so enlightening. If Victoria can make me feel and look good, then she really can help anyone” Margaret


“This session has unleashed the inner me! I feel more confident, enjoy colours more & wear clothes that make me look great!” Claire



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