Dressing Deliberately

Show up to your day loving your style and truly reflecting
your business, your personality, and your brand.
Registration Open Now - Course Starts September 6th 2019

Business owners, I hear you!


The deliberation at having to choose something to wear to go to that networking meeting.  The confusion of what to put on to visit your client.  The worry that you might get it wrong when you have to make a speech next week.


Getting dressed is a lesson in navigating a minefield of options and choices.  When you're a business owner, and you represent your business, the cost of getting it wrong could even affect your bottom line.

Like it or not, the way we show up to our day gets noticed.  We don't all have to 'dress for success' or look the same, but to make the best possible impression to our clients and our potential clients, we do need to dress deliberately in such a way as we define and express not only our own style, but also the image and identity of our brand.


When we start to do that, not only do we feel more confident, but our brand is more credible, believable, and ultimately seen as more trustworthy.

And that's what gets new clients.


“I’ve just watched both videos and its hugely reassuring to hear your advice put across in such a warm and friendly way. I’m not dressed yet so I’m about to have some fun. I feel so much better when I make the effort and the ‘effort’ is more like ‘fun’ with your formulas to play with. I get compliments every day about colour, or how young I look. Being the best version of yourself and presenting it for people to ‘read’ is so good for the soul. It’s affirming and a real confidence boost.”  Diana Pattenden  


In this five week online training programme, we will work together to make the link between you and your business; to define what it is that makes your personal brand unique and interesting, and I'll show you how you can begin to reflect that in what you choose to wear every day.  

This programme will give you lots of tips and ideas, but as each business is unique, I've added individual support too, from a one on one Skype call, and a weekly Ask V slot where we share our quandaries and questions on personal style that reflects both you and your business brand.



If you want to get a feel for the type of content we'll cover, as well as some FREE style advice, watch the webinar I recorded for the last enrolment of the course.

Our next registration begins on 6th September.  We begin with a Skype call so I can understand more about you and what you want to achieve, and then you'll receive weekly bitesize chunks of learning for five weeks, so sign up today to reserve your place.  Together, we'll be refining your visual clues about who you are and what it means to you for five weeks.  You'll be able to go at your own pace, ask questions, get feedback, and come back to the information again and again, as often as you need to.

This course is just £147.  Think about how much you spend on clothes over the course of a year.  How much of that might be things you're not that keen on, or aren't sure if they're right for you?  Think about that spend over a lifetime.  To get clear on what works and what you can leave at the shops will save you time, sure, and how much money will it save you?  I'm willing to bet that if you're anything like I was, you'll recoup your investment in the course pretty darned fast!  And don't forget, this is an investment in you and in your business too.

"I highly recommend working with Victoria. have followed this course and now have a wardrobe of clothes that I love."  Carol Standing

To join us, click the add to cart button - I can't wait to start helping you define your style!


Victoria Lochhead - Personal Stylist

I love being a personal stylist and helping my clients feel more confident in their style choices.  Having been introduced to jumble sales and charity shops from a young age, I show my clients how to look great and feel confident in pre-loved fashion as well as utilising what they already have hanging in the wardrobe at hom.  Read more about our story and what makes a consultation with us a unique experience.....


“Victoria Lochhead has been an absolute saviour.  Victoria was so gentle with me and so enlightening. If Victoria can make me feel and look good, then she really can help anyone” Margaret


“This session has unleashed the inner me! I feel more confident, enjoy colours more & wear clothes that make me look great!” Claire



Frankie & Ruby is a sustainable personal styling image consultancy business.  We offer styling sessions both in person and in our online courses.


We are based in Newbury, Berkshire, UK and work throughout Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, and Hampshire.  We are perfectly placed for clients visiting from Newbury. Reading, Basingstoke, Oxford, Hungerford, Marlborough, Swindon, Andover, Salisbury, Theale, Thatcham, Overton, Whitchurch, Didcot, Wantage, Abingdon, Pangbourne, Tilehurst, Streatley, Goring on Thames, Wokingham, Mortimer, Woolhampton, Aldermaston, Winchester and Tadley although clients do travel from further afield.


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