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I love being an image consultant, and I firmly believe that once you know the rules of what to wear in terms of colour, shape and style, then you can truly shop anywhere.  Read more about our story and what makes a consultation with us a unique experience.....


“Victoria Lochhead has been an absolute saviour.  Victoria was so gentle with me and so enlightening. If Victoria can make me feel and look good, then she really can help anyone” Margaret


“This session has unleashed the inner me! I feel more confident, enjoy colours more & wear clothes that make me look great!” Claire



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Michelle Bailey is business owner at People Essentials, providing employee engagement surveys and HR support for SME’s. Her business means that she is often in a variety of workplace environments, and works with a broad demographic of people.


Michelle says “My work is extremely varied, I want to look professional, but also feel comfortable in what I am wearing every day.”Michelle had already had her colours analyzed some time ago (she is a warm autumn), and tends to wear the colours that already suit her the best. What Michelle didn’t know was how to dress to make the most of her body shape, and how her clothes would impact those around her in a business environment. In addition, and as a very busy mother and entrepreneur, Michelle had little time for shopping and organizing her wardrobe.


Victoria worked with Michelle firstly to understand her style and shape. Michelle is a curvy natural hourglass, and knowing how to dress for her shape gave her a lot more confidence. Also, Victoria worked with Michelle to understand the image she wanted to portray through her business, and how she could achieve this without feeling uncomfortable by over or under-dressing.


Michelle and Victoria had a look through Michelle’s wardrobe, and there were some gaps that were identified that might help to bring the existing clothes together. Victoria then took Michelle on a shopping trip to a clothes recycling centre. Victoria says “Recycling centres are great if you’re lucky enough to have one near you, they’re nearly always brimming with stock, so there is plenty of choice, the quality is usually very good, and you can always find something as they are not governed by this seasons fashion.”


Michelle hadn’t shopped in this way before, but was open-minded to giving it a go. “Actually, I really enjoyed the day, it was very relaxed, and learning about the rules I should stick to for dressing was a real eye-opener for me.”  At the end of the session, Michelle had her colours confirmed, knew her style and body shape rules for how to dress, had her wardrobe sorted out, and been shopping. She came away with a beautiful skirt, a new top, and other things for under £40.


Michelle was really pleased with her purchases, “This experience has been really good fun,” she says, “what is more, I have learned some new skills that I will be able to use when out shopping from now on. I’m really pleased with the things we bought and wouldn’t rule out shopping in this way in the future. I caught my refection in a shop window the day after our shopping trip and my legs were definitely longer.“​


Case Study 3 - Learning Shape Rules with Michelle

Micherlle Bailey

People Essentials